Medicaid funded long-term care for those under 65

Did you know that long-term care services are not just designed for the elderly?  In fact, 8.4 % of the US population under age 65 have disabilities and 17% of the people on Medicare are under age 65.  Unfortunately, we see many younger clients who require the services provided by Nursing Home Medicaid, Community Care Services Program (CCSP) or Institutional Hospice. Even though these programs are traditionally reserved for the aged, individuals under the age of 65 can still qualify for these programs. Our elder law attorneys can review your situation and determine if Medicaid funded long-term care  may help you.

So how do you qualify for long-term care services when you are under age 65?

First, the applicant must prove that they are disabled. If the applicant has  received a disability determination from the Social Security Administration, this may serve as sufficient evidence of disability. If the applicant does not meet the financial requirements of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which will automatically qualify the recipient for Medicaid, there may be alternatives. One option is to obtain a disability decision through the State Medicaid Eligibility Unit (SMEU). Be aware that disability determinations do take some time to process and often require professional expertise. Don’t delay seeking out the help you need.

Want to learn more?

At Hurley Elder Care Law, our attorneys work with people of all ages who require some type of long-term care. We can review your situation and explain in detail how the qualifications for these programs work. If you feel that these programs may benefit you but worry that you have too many assets or income to qualify, call our office at 404-843-0121. Our attorneys can illustrate ways that you may be able to protect your assets, qualify for these programs and receive the care that you need sooner rather than later.


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