New Year’s Resolution: Finally creating a will and powers of attorney!

Let’s make this the year you finally tackle some of those tasks that you’ve been putting off. At the top of your New Year’s resolution list should be your estate plan.


Most adults put off estate planning for several reasons:

1) It seems overwhelming and confusing;

2) It seems terribly complicated and expensive;

3) They don’t think they need it (because, obviously, illness and death only happen to OTHER people);

4) There are a thousand less stressful things to do.


We get it—estate planning (and what it represents) is something we all want to avoid.


We all want to avoid illness, incapacity, and death. We all would rather do almost anything else besides writing our will or deciding who can make  decisions for us.   Americans, as a general rule, are a very optimistic people.  We like to believe that we will live with full capacity and independence until we die. We plan on spending every last dime on that last vacation and then dying a sudden, peaceful death at age 93!  Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence and the stark reality is that most of us will experience some level of incapacity and decline in our life. Death happens to 100% of us so the best decision we can make is to prepare.


Estate planning does not have to complicated, expensive, or stressful.

Over the next few weeks we will provide a thorough discussion on complete estate planning. We will cover wills, powers of attorney, advance directives, and trusts in a series of blog posts. We hope to demystify the process, address your concerns, and motivate you to take action.

And if you think estate planning is too expensive for you, consider the costs of a significant healthcare event like a stroke or sudden heart attack with no plan in place!

Working with a qualified attorney to set up a good estate plan for you and your family is an investment. When you die or get sick without the right legal and financial plans in place, your family can spend thousands more to take care of you or your estate when you are in crisis mode. We’ll write more on this later.


So, here’s to the year of getting things done!

You can start this process with Hurley Elder Care Law today by contacting our office at (404) 843-0121 or through our website for a complimentary phone consultation.

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