health and cognition changes

Keeping an eye out for changes in health and cognition

By Miles Hurley | December 20, 2022

Many of us have family spread throughout the country who rarely get to see each other throughout the year. The holiday season often brings us together from near and far to celebrate. Unfortunately, this reunion can also be unsettling and cause for concern due to noticeable health and cognition changes in our loved ones. What…

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Avoid holiday stress

Caring for someone with dementia? The best way for both of you to avoid holiday stress

By Miles Hurley | November 22, 2022

It’s Thanksgiving week and we have started feeling the excitement of the holiday season. We’re ready to gather with family and friends and enjoy parties, cooking, decorating and more. It’s supposed to be a joyful time but unfortunately, it can bring extra stress for many including those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias and their caregivers.…

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Alzheimer's or dementia?

Is it Alzheimer’s or Dementia???

By Miles Hurley | November 15, 2022

Most of us know someone who has been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. The Hurley Elder Care Law team has all been touched by this disease…either through our relationship with a client diagnosed with dementia or caring for our own family members living with Alzheimer’s. Nationally, November is known as Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. The aim is…

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Pet and animal assisted therapy

Pet and animal assisted therapy

By Miles Hurley | September 27, 2022

As we close out September and World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, we will discuss a subject that will bring a smile to your face, pets. For those of us who have dogs as pets, there is no secret as to why they are often referred to as man’s (or woman’s) best friend. In addition to their…

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music therapy

Benefits of music therapy

By Miles Hurley | September 20, 2022

September is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Hurley Elder Care Law works with many families with loved ones who have Alzheimer’s, and we have heard uplifting stories of therapies which have worked to comfort and help trigger happy memories for these clients. This week’s blog will examine the benefits of music therapy. Cognitive Benefits of Music…

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dementia and their caregivers

Dementia and the Holidays: Caregiving Tips

By Miles Hurley | November 23, 2021

Can you believe we are already in November and celebrating Thanksgiving this week? What a year 2021 has been! We are incredibly grateful that this year we are able to visit with our family and friends and enjoy holidays, celebrations, hugs, laughs, overeating, and much more. However, the holiday season is often a stressful time…

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Guardianship and Conservatorship

Guardianship in depth

By Miles Hurley | July 20, 2021

This week we will continue our discussion on Guardianship and Conservatorship. They are two separate powers that can be sought together in one petition or individually if only one is needed. Let’s discuss guardianship in depth What are the powers of a Guardian? Guardianship gives the guardian the right to manage the ward’s health and…

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Guardianship and Conservatorship

Guardianship and Conservatorship

By Miles Hurley | July 13, 2021

“Guardianship” and “Conservatorship” …. We’ve all heard these terms but what do they really mean? What is the difference between these words? How, and why would you seek them for a loved one? Are they court proceedings; or can an attorney draw up the legal documents? Unfortunately, many people don’t learn the answers to these…

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Traveling as an older adult

Traveling as an older adult

By Miles Hurley | June 22, 2021

Summer is here, and the travel and hospitality industries are reporting record numbers of vacation reservations. Many families are reuniting after time apart and traveling together to vacation destinations to spend quality time together and have some fun. There are several things to consider when traveling as an older adult. Even if you are only traveling…

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Estate plan

Guardianship Mistakes: Failing to Plan

By Miles Hurley | March 19, 2020

The guardianship process is complex, expensive, and often humiliating to the older adult. Most times, guardianship is also avoidable.   Plan ahead to avoid guardianship.   Whenever possible, guardianship should be avoided. The most effective way to avoid guardianship is to plan ahead. Sine there is no guarantee that we will be of sound mind up…

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