Traveling with an Older Person

An article from Travel Channel by By: Meredith Rosenberg has great tips for traveling with the elderly. Following these suggestions can help provide a stress-free trip for the older person and the entire family.

  1. Consider stairs and walking distances. Know the layout of your hotel and check on the availability of a wheelchair. Check out, prior to your travel, on wheelchair availability and unique arrangements at the airline and tourist attractions.
  2. Medical – Know medical conditions, medications and prescription information, food necessities, and the travel insurance plan along with emergency options. Make sure the travel insurance plan includes medical coverage.
  3. Request assistance whenever it is available. Preboarding, wheelchair assistance, luggage transport, hotel arrangements and many other services are available. Use them.
  4. Research senior discounts on cruises, hotels, flights, restaurants.
  5. A cheap hotel may not be the best deal; stay where the action will be. Check with the hotel for special accommodations such as doctors and ADA compliance.
  6. Plan for downtime, bathroom stops, meals and transportation. Arrange for activities and care for all family members.
  7. Know special arrangements for the elderly at the airport regarding screening and medications and TSA procedures.
  8. Research childcare options if necessary.
  9. Choose a vacation with activities for all family members, such as cruises, all-inclusive resorts, or theme parks, beaches, resorts, or your own unique location.

Read “Planes, Canes, and Automobiles: Connecting with Your Aging Parents through Travel” by Val Grubb. Check the author’s blog, “Travel with Aging Parents” or go to: for additional information.

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