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Holiday Tips for a COVID World

By Miles Hurley | November 24, 2020

A Different Kind of Holiday Season It’s that time of year again…time for holidays, celebrations, family, hugs, laughs, decorating, overeating, travel, gifts, and much more. In an ordinary year, in addition to these ‘fun’ activities, the holiday season often contributes to added stress and feelings of loneliness for many. 2020 certainly isn’t an ‘ordinary’ year!…

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Essential Shopping and Travel During COVID-19: What to Consider Before Making a Trip

By Miles Hurley | August 26, 2020

Seniors and those at a higher risk for contracting the virus should stay home if they don’t have to go out. However, that may not be an option for everyone. For those who don’t have loved ones nearby to assist with tasks like grocery shopping or banking, it is especially important to exercise caution when…

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Traveling with an Older Person

By Hurley Elder Care Law | May 4, 2017

An article from Travel Channel by By: Meredith Rosenberg has great tips for traveling with the elderly. Following these suggestions can help provide a stress-free trip for the older person and the entire family. Consider stairs and walking distances. Know the layout of your hotel and check on the availability of a wheelchair. Check out, prior…

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Traveling with Seniors

By Hurley Elder Care Law | May 19, 2016

Consider these tips when traveling with seniors.

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