Traveling with Seniors

shutterstock_134936747-e1415990689748With summer approaching and people starting to plan their summer vacations, keep these tips in mind when traveling with a senior. Planning ahead can make the difference for a successful outing with the elderly.

A few guidelines for traveling with seniors are:

  1. Consider mobility and health
  2. Make sure travel insurance includes medical
  3. Ask for assistance
  4. Take advantage of senior discounts
  5. Choose accessible hotels near the action
  6. Schedule enough downtime
  7. Allow enough time at the airport
  8. Don’t feel limited to specific locations
  9. Give yourself extra time for security
  10. Plan ahead for peace of mind
  11. Try to replicate the home routine
  12. Use a specialized travel agent or company
  13. Arrange accessible accommodations
  14. Decide whether to bring or borrow a wheelchair
  15. Don’t forget caregiver needs
  16. Know your rights.

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