Have You Received The Medicaid Estate Recovery Form?

Our office has received questions from our clients about a form that Medicaid recipients have received from the Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS). The form is called the “Official Notice of Georgia Medicaid Estate Recovery Program,” also referred to as “Form DMA 315.”  In last week’s Hurley Elder Care Law blog, we touched on Medicaid Estate Recovery. We know discussing this form isn’t terribly interesting, but it is certainly important. Here’s why…


Where do I obtain this form?

Form DMA 315 is a required form given to applicants when they apply for certain Medicaid programs such as Nursing Home, Hospice, CCSP/Source and ICWP. It is the caseworker’s responsibility to provide this form to the applicant. Many times, the DFCS caseworker will require the signed form is returned with a verification checklist.


What is the purpose of the form?

The Notice of Georgia Medicaid Estate Recovery discloses information regarding the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program to the applicant. It outlines who may be subject to estate recovery as well as the steps The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) may take to recover funds after the Medicaid recipient dies. Applicants also are cautioned about the potential consequences of transferring assets to avoid Medicaid Estate Recovery.


Does this form put a lien on my home?

The form discusses the process DCH will take if a Medicaid recipient owns real property when they pass away. However, it also outlines some of the conditions that create exceptions or delays to the Medicaid Estate Recovery process. The purpose of the form is to notify the Medicaid recipient of the circumstances where a lien may be placed.


It is important to understand how the Medicaid Estate Recovery program may affect you or your loved ones. Hurley Elder Care Law attorneys are experts at uncovering ways to protect your assets. If you have questions about how Medicaid Estate Recovery may impact you, please call us at 404-843-0121.









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