Alzheimer’s Disease Education Classes

The Georgia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association offers several educational programs for families and individuals facing Alzheimer’s, as well as community members all across Georgia. Classes are offered from now through December at various locations in the Atlanta metro area, including Canton, Decatur, Tucker, Jonesboro, Powder Springs and the Atlanta Cumberland  area. For a full complement of classes with dates and locations go to:  under the title: Alzheimer’s Disease Education Classes in Georgia.  The classes include the following topics:

Caregiver Workshop – Basics, Communication and Behaviors– Learn about  detection, causes and risk factors, stages of the disease, treatment; how to decode verbal and behavioral message, how to identify strategies that help connect and communicate at each stage of the disease; and how to decode behavioral messages, identify common behavior triggers, and learn strategies to help intervene with some of the most common behavioral challenges.

Effective Communication–  As people with dementia progress in their journey and lose their ability to use words, families need new ways to connect.  Learn how to decode verbal and behavioral messages, and how to identify strategies that help connect and communicate at each stage of the disease.

The Basics of Alzheimer’s Disease– Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging.  If you or someone you know is affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s time to lea
rn the facts. This program provides information on detection, causes and risk factors, stages of the disease, treatment, and much more.

 Understanding and Responding to Dementia Related Behavior– Learn how to respond appropriately to behaviors exhibited by a person with Alzheimer’s disease.

Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body:Tips for the Latest Research– Learn about research in the areas of diet and nutrition, exercise, cognitive activity and social engagement; use hands-on tools that will help you incorporate these recommendations into a plan for healthy aging.

Living with Alzheimer’s Disease– This 3-part program provides practical answers to the questions that arise in the early, middle and late stages. Hear from those directly affected and learn what you can do to cope with the changes.

Know the 10 Warning Signs– Warning signs of Alzheimer’s are often dismissed as side effects of normal aging.  Separate myth from reality and address commonly-held fears about the disease. Hear from people who have the disease and find out how to recognize the signs.

Legal and Financial–  An interactive two-part program to learn about important legal and financial issues to consider, how to put plans in place, and how to access legal and financial resources near you.



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