Dehydration and Seniors: A Risky Situation

Whew… we all know the feeling of stepping outside and being hit with the heat and humidity of our Georgia summer. Drinking enough water is important for everyone, but especially seniors who are at greater risk for dehydration.

Why do seniors get dehydrated easily?

The simple answer is they naturally have less water in their bodies. They also often have health conditions or take medicines that increase their risk of dehydration.

In addition, seniors are less sensitive to the feeling of being thirsty. They may not realize they are thirsty until they are already dehydrated. Their bodies also have a decreased ability to keep fluid levels balanced in the body and have less efficient kidneys.

The Cleveland Clinic notes dehydration in seniors often goes unnoticed. It can cause:

*Dry mouth, fatigue, and dizziness

*Difficulty walking


*Rapid heart rate

*Urinary Tract Infection

*More severe symptoms causing hospitalization

How to prevent dehydration?

An easy rule of thumb is the 8 glass of water a day suggestion. To keep things more interesting, you can offer some fruit flavoring or even some milk or juice. However, juice intake can be problematic due to the high sugar so diluting it can be a helpful solution.

Encourage drinking small amounts of water throughout the day because a full glass at one sitting can be difficult.

The care coordinators at Hurley Elder Care Law hear from many of our client families about emergency room trips due to dehydration. It is not a condition to take lightly and can happen quickly. Please call the experts at Hurley Elder Care Law with your elder law questions at 404-843-0121.

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