Georgia’s Personal Needs Allowance Increases to $70


After years of a stagnant personal needs allowance (it was stuck at $50/month for many years), Georgia has made increases two years in a row. In 2018, Georgia increased the personal needs allowance to $65. This year, Georgia has increased the amount to $70. This new personal needs allowance went into effect on Monday, July 1, 2019 (the start of our new fiscal year).

The personal needs allowance is the amount of money that a nursing home resident receiving Medicaid benefits can keep from their monthly income.

Medicaid is a means-tested health insurance program for those with limited income and assets (for a complete discussion on those limits, please click here). Most nursing home Medicaid recipients have to pay some or most of their income to the nursing home as part of their cost share.

They are, however, entitled to keep a small portion of their income for their own needs. This year, Georgia has decided that nursing home residents can now keep $70 of their income to buy what the nursing home does not provide.

If you have any questions about Medicaid, please contact our office through our website or by calling us at (404) 843-0121.

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