Summertime FUN for Older Adults

As we conclude our summer blog series, we want to make sure to discuss ways older adults can participate in summertime FUN. The warmer weather makes it easier for us all to get outside and enjoy many activities.

Occupational therapist, Regina Sitterley, founder of Home Therapy Solutions suggests purchasing a Rollator walker for outdoor use. This type of walker can be helpful to people who don’t even generally need a walker because it has a seat and cup holder (on some models). This enables people to go on longer walks or attend outside events and they can sit and rest when needed. Many even include a basket which makes packing for a picnic no problem!

Getting outside

There is no reason to miss out on some favorite hobbies such as gardening and grilling. Planting raised flower beds can be done while sitting. Indoor herb gardens are also quite popular, and you can feel the soil in your fingers while enjoying the air conditioning. Buying a shorter and smaller grill and using adaptive cooking utensils which are more manageable can make grilling possible for your favorite older chef.

We know we all like to be around water to cool off when the weather is hot. For boat lovers, renting a pontoon boat is a fun activity and it is easy to get in and out of the boat. Pool time can continue to be safe but use the stairs in the shallow end and look for a pool with a railing to make balancing more comfortable.

Older people can also be included in outdoor games. Popular games such as Cornhole can always be modified by positioning the person closer to the holes. You may also use a simple balloon instead of a beachball because it allows a slower reaction time.

Stay safe

A couple of tips to keep in mind is to check for uneven walking surfaces and wear sturdy shoes. Falls are always a big risk. Hydration can also become a problem even when you think you are drinking enough. Drinking frequently is extremely important so bathroom breaks should be included in your outdoor activity. This AARP article includes helpful advice for preventing heat related illnesses.

Hurley Elder Care Law is always available to help our clients figure out ways to live their best life. Our team, which includes care coordinators, can make suggestions to stay connected and include older loved ones in family events. Stay safe as you enjoy the dog days of summer!

Image credit: eBike Shed Ltd

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