Race, Age and Healthcare

race and age bias in healthcare

Over the past three decades, there has been a growing emphasis in the field of gerontology and aging studies to better understand issues related to diversity within and across racial and ethnic groups. This has resulted in a clear need for further scientific advances in the study of older adults  from diverse populations. Your race…

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Nancy lives alone and suffered a major stroke.  She cannot communicate her medical wishes, does not have a Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare and her hospital care team cannot locate a friend or family member to help. Nancy has become “unbefriended”. In today’s world we are all familiar with the social media terms ‘friend’ and…

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Show Your Love

Show your love

What better way to show your love and celebrate Valentine’s Day than to create your estate plan to make things easier on your loved ones? In last week’s blog we shared some theories as to why people put off this important task. However, even with our society’s fear of discussions on incapacity and death, these…

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Why Estate Plan? Because we love them!

The Sandwich Generation

Over the past few weeks we have explained the purpose of the Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare and the Durable Financial Power of Attorney. But we thought before we continue with our legal explanations of important estate planning documents, we would explore the impact on families if these aren’t in place.  So why estate plan?…

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