Are you in danger of losing your Medicaid coverage?

Losing your medicaid coverage

The Department of Community Health recently announced that Medicaid eligibility redeterminations, or Medicaid renewals, would begin on April 1, 2023. These renewals have been suspended since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. DFCS caseworkers will begin reviewing each case in more detail and determining if the Medicaid recipient is eligible for benefits. Medicaid recipients who…

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Medicaid funded long-term care for those under 65

Medicaid when you're under 65

Did you know that long-term care services are not just designed for the elderly?  In fact, 8.4 % of the US population under age 65 have disabilities and 17% of the people on Medicare are under age 65.  Unfortunately, we see many younger clients who require the services provided by Nursing Home Medicaid, Community Care…

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NOW/COMP: Could this Community Medicaid Waiver Program Help You?

Community Medicaid Waiver Programs: NOW/COMP

The practice of elder law includes providing services to the disabled including those who have been disabled since birth.  This week, our blog will continue to explore community Medicaid programs for disabled individuals under the age of 65 who may need care in their home or in an institutional setting.  Could community Medicaid waiver programs…

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Accessing care through Medicaid for those under age 65

Medicaid programs under age 65

Medicaid Care Programs Are Not Just For The Elderly Many people believe that attorneys that practice elder law only help the elderly population. We could not disagree more! We are ready, willing and able to assist people who need care of all ages. There are Medicaid programs for disabled individuals under the age of 65…

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What do elder care law attorneys do?

what do elder care law attorneys do

Navigating the complex issues of aging can be a challenge for individuals and their families. This video will explain how elder care law attorneys can provide legal guidance and peace of mind to help those in need. Learn more about Hurley Elder Care Law and how they can assist you.

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When is the right time to update a will?

When should you update your will?

This video explains when it is the right time for you to update your will. It could be due to a divorce, medical diagnosis, death in the family, or simply as time passes and family dynamics change. Hurley Elder Care Law provides insight into this important legal document.

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